This Omeka resource includes selected correspondence from the Cameron Family Papers within the Southern Historical Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill to assist educators and students with interpretations of antebellum plantation life in the southern United States. While the full Cameron Family Papers includes some 35,000 items, this resource includes a curated selection of letters written between 1844-1847 that were found to include details about the lives and deaths of enslaved persons as a primary theme of interest, as well as details of the daily lives of slave owners, family members, overseers, and business associates. Each letter in this resource was photographed on site in the Special Collections Library, then transcribed and saved to this collection with subject tags to help identify resources that inform particular themes (e.g., the food, clothing, housing, workload and health of enslaved persons). For questions, contact the curator, Dr. Kevin Oliver, Professor in the College of Education at North Carolina State University (